"My back hurts all the time now that I'm pregnant, but that's supposed to happen."
"I'm scared to death of labor pains, and I want the epidural right away."
"Since I've had my baby, I leak when I sneeze, cough, laugh, and jump, but I heard that's normal.  Forever."
"Having a baby ruins your body - forget a bikini or your favorite old jeans."
"I hurt everywhere - that's getting old for ya!  You'll far apart, too, in a few years."
"I haven't been intimate with my partner in a long time because it's painful."
"I want to get healthier, but I don't know where to start, and I'm worried I don't have time."
"At my 6-week postpartum visit, my OB gave me the green light to exercise.  I tried to go back to running, and now things don't feel right."

Whether you're having a baby, just delivered, have been a mom for years, or you're a woman who has never been pregnant... pain, leaking, or inability to live your best life because of a physical problem is NOT normal.   Re-gaining your health as far as fitness, nutrition, and overall wellness is possible for every woman no matter what stage you're in.   For years, I have heard many a woman tell me how unhappy she is with her physical well-being, but doesn't know where to start to make changes.  Or possibly she doesn't know her options.  Anchor Wellness was created for these reasons.  I am a physical therapist, personal trainer, and wellness coach with a goal to help you feel confident and healthy.  Whether you're in need of physical therapy to rehabilitate from pregnancy, an injury, a surgical procedure, or chronic pain or you're looking for personal training and wellness coaching to improve your strength, mobility and general health, I am passionate about getting you started and keeping you going.   

"Work like a captain, play like a pirate."