HEY, I'M JAMIE - a women's health physical therapist, a personal trainer, and the Persnickety Pescetarian.     I help women find strength and peace with their bodies, whether it's a healthy pregnancy and delivery, recovery postpartum, learning improved food choices, working out for health, and many other areas of wellness.   I have been a physical therapist for over 15 years, and I am APTA-certified  (American Physical Therapy Association) in pregnancy and postpartum physical therapy.  I also have held a NASM certification in personal training for over 5 years.   Please check out below to learn a little more about my story and why I chose this field! 


1.  Why do I specialize in women's health physical therapy and what do I do as a PT? 
When I was in my early 20's, a procedure was performed incorrectly during a biopsy of my vaginal tissue.   For years, I was unable to use tampons, sit comfortably, wear certain pants, or have enjoyable sex.  Nothing helped, and I felt this was how I was going to feel forever.   I was finishing physical therapy school at the time and had the honor of following an incredible women's health physical therapist for several weeks.  Using the techniques I learned during this clinical, I recovered completely.  When I realized what we are able to help with as therapists in this area, I knew this would be where I would focus my career.    In 2017, I got even more specific by training to specialize in pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum care.   A few months later, I was pregnant with my own baby and experienced the astounding life-altering changes of this miracle.  Changes that need skilled assistance to work through and recover from.   I work in many areas of women's health using exercise, hands-on treatment, and recommended tools to recover from pain and dysfunction.  Check out my services page for conditions treated!   I work with each patient in her home.  And if you're not local to Ventura, CA, or you just want to a quick re-check after therapy has ended, we can schedule a video visit through my virtual clinic.  

I'm also obsessed with nutrition, and I make this topic a huge part of each woman's program, including pregnancy and after baby!  


2.  What is my background with health and wellness? 
I am a sugar-carb-food addict who remembers struggling with overeating and body image issues as young as 5 years old.  You name the fad diet, I’ve done it.  Commercial programs – tried them all.   Eating disorders?  Yes, those too.  Over-exercising?  Yup, that exists.   But after all that, I finally find myself in a better place.  Now, it is my absolute passion to pass on the lessons I’ve learned, mistakes I’ve made, the understanding of what a frustrating nightmare this process can be, and the celebrations of all the little victories in health that pop up along the way.

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3.  What do I do as far as virtual personal training?  
I work with women who are over weight-loss fads and dieting and are ready to work on getting healthy with simple clean eating and doable exercise.  From the convenience of email or text, we find a fitness program that works for your level and schedule, and is done privately at home.  We also work together to develop a nutrition plan you can follow easily and learn to do on your own.  I personally use the fitness and nutrition programs from Beachbody, know them inside and out, and love to help other women find the ones that work for her while keeping her motivated to "just do it"!

4.  What do I do as far as onsite personal training?
I work with women - pregnant. postpartum, or neither - building a safe and specific fitness program for her goals, in her home, while providing accountability and help with nutrition.   Training is performed one-on-one to make sure each exercise is done correctly and within her abilities.  

5.  What are some other fun facts about me?
I love love love my “jobs”, but when I ‘m not working with my pirates (clients!), patients, or coaching crew I can be found: 
• In my kitchen messing with grain-free baking, homemade vegan cheeses, & Pescetarian cooking
• Taking a trapeze or boxing class
• Wine tasting….

I am a mom to one human kid, Knotts, as well as two fur kids, Lola, the golden Retriever and Remi, the German Shepherd.   My husband, Tyler, and I love to travel with our favorite places being Cambria, CA and Key West, FL!  He still swears he’ll get me camping one day, but you’ll find me checked in to the nearest hotel by 8pm.  We’re also wine lovers, so I promise some good pairings, recommendations, and strategies for incorporating libations along the way!

If you’re dying to know more, here are 3 fun facts people might not expect:

  1.  I’m terrified of revolving doors.  I’ll walk around a building to find another entrance OR I’ll shriek the whole way around the thing if forced to use one.
  2. Umbrellas make me claustrophobic.
  3. I grew up in West Virginia and was introduced to my husband by his mother over the phone.  I moved across the country to CA to marry him after 9 dates.

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