Have a Happy AND Health(ier) Halloween

Halloween should be a holiday to enjoy some sweets and treats without the guilt of a little indulgence!   But the key is to go in with a plan.   Always have a plan!   It's when we go into the season without some ideas in advance on how to handle our favorite temptations is when we end up with our hand in the candy bowl and 15 wrappers on the floor.   So for Halloween night, here are a few tips to prevent undoing all your great progress!


1.  Eat a healthy dinner.  Halloween night is going to be busy!   Have that meal planned and prepped in advance so all you have to do is heat it up.  Make it veggie heavy with a lean protein.   Carbohydrates aren't all that necessary on a night full of sweet treats!

2.  Buy late.   No need to buy bags of candy early.   Wait until the day of and don't open them until game time.   If you do need to buy early, keep those bags sealed and stash them somewhere out of sight. 

3.  Choose your favorites!   Are Reese cups your favorite candies?  Set two pieces aside for yourself.  


4.  Go better quality. You don't have to be the house that gives out pennies, raisins, or stickers.  But there are better options than the popular candies that are filled with corn syrup, artificial colors, and chemicals.   Some of my favorite brands:   

  • Free 2 Be
  • Justin's
  • Ocho
  • Lily's Chocolates
  • Unreal 
  • Black Forest
  • Yum Joy

5.  Offer an alternative.    Have you ever heard of the Switch Witch?   Leading up to Halloween night, have your kiddos make a wish list of some favorite new toys.  They send this list to the Switch Witch, offering the candy they gather on Halloween in exchange for a gift.   After Trick-or-Treat, kiddos choose a few of their favorite candies from their stash, set out their pumpkin, and go to bed dreaming of the Switch Witch's visit.  In the morning, a new toy is waiting!


6.  Get it out of the house.   Once you and your kiddos have picked your favorites, it's time to get that candy out of the house.   A couple of ideas:

7.  Make your own candy.   If you're craving a favorite candy, but want a healthier version, I have a couple of great recipes you can make at home for an alternative.  Check them out here!

What are you tips and tricks for a healthier Halloween?  Have a spooktacular holiday!