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Client Services

  • pregnancy fitness

  • exercise after baby

  • core strenghtening

  • TRX workouts

  • Pilates, yoga, and ballet hybrid workouts

  • nutrition accountability

  • "A Tweak per Week" program for improving wellness habits

Personalized Sessions

Have you ever tried personal training in the past and noticed you were given the same general exercises as everyone else?   Maybe you haven't worked with a trainer one-on-one yet but want the motivation?  Ready to get healthy and not sure where to start?   Or do you have an old injury such as a knee or shoulder sprain and you're worried about aggravating it while working out?  

At Anchor Wellness, I offer 45-minute sessions in my office or in your home - based on your needs.  Your first visit is 75 minutes and includes a full assessment of how your body moves, looking for areas that may need strengthened or stretched. I am a certified personal trainer as well as a physical therapist with specialization in women's health.    Focus on avoiding injury or re-injury will be key in your program.   Workouts are created customized just for you.  We commit time during your first visit  to create goals that are specific to exactly what you want out of the training.  We review these each visit and create mini "tweaks" in areas of wellness to work on between sessions.   Overall health is so much more than simply pounds lost on a scale, and we will focus on all areas.   Finally, clients are provided with suggestions for activities to do on her own in between our training days, and I am available to every client versus email or text during the week.  


What should I expect on my first visit?
During your first training session, we will start with a "meet and greet" to go over your paperwork and discuss exactly where you are with your health.  This is your time to tell me everything you want me to know about your journey with wellness.     I will then take you through an assessment to look at your strength, balance, endurance, posture, and flexibility.   We will finish with going over your results, form a plan for your training, and set goals and weekly tweaks to start working on right away.   Your physical training will begin on the second visit, although you'll get a workout with the assessment!

Is there any reason I would not be able to train?
If you have any serious health issues or injuries we may need permission from your physician to train.   Please contact me with questions.

Do you provide nutrition services?
We discuss nutrition at each session, and if necessary, perform food tracking to look for good AND not-so-good patterns in your eating habits.  I do not provide formal meal plans with specific calorie targets as this is outside the scope of a personal trainer without a degree in nutrition.   I do, however, recommend certain programs that I have found to be successful as well as point a client toward different nutrition plans for her to explore to see if they may be a good fit.

What if I'm not sure this is right for me or what I need?
Book a 10 minute free video consultation with me to talk about what might be the right fit for you! 

What are your rates?
10 minute consultation - Free
Initial Evaluation $80 - $100
Sessions $60 - $80
15 minute virtual check in - $15

I accept cash and all major credit cards.  

How do I get started?
Scheduling is simple!   Book Online by easily selecting the service you are looking for.    

Where are you located?
My onsite office is located in Ventura, CA and I can provide services at the client's home in Ventura, Ojai, or Oxnard.  Please contact me for special location requests.  

Do you provide group training?
Not at this time.  My focus is working one-on-one with each woman during her visit customized to focus on her goals and correct form to prevent injury.   If this is an area of interest for you and others, please contact me with suggestions.  

What is the difference between Personal Training and Physical Therapy?
Physical Therapy consists of skilled examination, treatment, and discharge from care for a person in initial stages of surgical recovery, experiencing severe pain symptoms, and/or demonstrates limitations in everyday tasks due to a physical ailment.  Physical Therapists hold a masters or doctorate degree and personal trainers are certified via an examination following at-home study.  Both professions are required to perform yearly ongoing education and recertification.   While personal training does consist of some hands-on stretching, myofascial rolling, and taping, physical therapists perform more advanced manual techniques such as mobilization of joints and passive fascia release.  If you are experiencing pain and/or loss of function,  it may be necessary to seek treatment with a physical therapist prior to or during personal training.  I am able to provide both services, but have have worked with both professions - as a personal trainer working with a client's physical therapist AND as a physical therapist working with a patient's personal trainer.    Whether I provide you with both services or work alongside another professional, it is vitally important you are receiving all necessary treatments and trainings to allow you to fully function as your best self.  

Do you train men?
No - my specialty and focus is within the area of women's health, but I am happy to assist any male seeking personal training in finding the right trainer for him.  Please contact me for further recommendations.